Dr. Musenze Ibrahim

Dr. Musenze Ibrahim , Dean of Faculty

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Message from the Dean Faculty of Management Sciences

Welcome to the Faculty of Management Sciences! Your time here promises to be exciting, challenging and a wonderful springboard to careers in Business and Management discipline.

Our faculty seeks to educate professionals in business and management disciplines who will be prepared to meet the business, management and customer care needs of the nation and citizens of the world who live past our borders. Importantly, the Faculty of Management Sciences (FMS) prepares leaders capable of charting the course of cutting edge business, and management interventions through quality teaching, research and collaborative endeavors. Our faculty strictly embraces the mission of empowering clients with relevant business and management competences. We deliver this mission through the synergies among the outstanding research, teaching critical skills, education and broad spectrum of co-curricular activity and sports programs that are all resident within the Faculty. In this, our students are prepared for the challenges that lie ahead of them in the future of business and management discipline. Our faculty staffs are leaders in the field of business and management education, working with both national- public sector and the private sector organizations to establish standardized business approaches and develop national policies that inform practice.

Our faculty is nationally known for its research in business innovations, business policy, customer care and satisfaction, as well as hospitality management. We also seek to learn from each other by valuing and respecting the diverse backgrounds of the hundreds of learners from various countries, cultures, perceptions, and experiences in business and management behaviors. Central to the success of our students and the many faculty of management sciences’ alumni, has been the robust leadership and experience-based knowledge that our faculty bring into the lecture room. As thought leaders in this education industry, the knowledge and research contributions of our faculty continue to drive change both at the university, nation level and across the world.

The faculty has much to offer in terms of student-centered support and nurturing: a cadre of advisors ready to help you on your enduring academic journey commencing with certificate courses to an advanced degree courses, facilitators and business incubation labs for entrepreneurial/idea generation, program managers to make sure essential communication occurs, an Open and Distance Electronic Learning (ODEL) support unit to ensure better delivery of face to face and online services and an entire office devoted to internship and practicum placements. We emphasize student engagement in active, self-directed learning and community engagement. Our learners are therefore encouraged to thoroughly evaluate existing and new evidence-based business and management practices, to contribute to growing scientific knowledge bases in the discipline and to broaden their critical thinking skills in an endeavor to respond to the ever increasing dynamic changes of 21st-century. Simultaneously, students are encouraged to develop innovative, creative, caring, and evidence-based approaches in every facet of delivering business and management services.

We look forward to cordially inviting all of you who are interested in broadening your knowledge bases and enriching your careers to explore our faculty further either, online or through a visit to campus. Once again, you are welcome into our professional community as we craft the future of tomorrow’s business and management sciences - together.

All the best,

Musenze Ibrahim Abaasi (PhD)

Dean and Senior Lecturer
Faculty of Management Sciences

The two departments at the faculty are:

  • Department of Economics and Management
  • Department of Tourism and Travel Management

The courses related to MBA,BBA, DRIM and DBA are housed at the Department of Economics and Management.

Programmes regarding BTT, DTT and the Tourism center of Excellence are at the Department of Tourism and Travel Management

Welcome Message from Head of Department

Mr. Esuku Joseph - Head of Department Economics and Management

Mr. Esuku Joseph.jpg

It’s a pleasure to welcome you at the Faculty of Management Science, Department of Economics and Management.

Let me congratulate you for having joined this faculty, you are to have a wonderful learning experience due to the quality of our courses and learning environment.

As students of year one, you are expected to have the timetable for your respective course, so that you do not miss anything thereby ensuring you remain on normal progress.

As a faculty we have policies, rules and regulations that guide our operations, one of them is that for a student to seat for exam, he/she must have at least 70% attendance. This means that you must attend lectures in order to meet the basic requirement.

In addition you will be required to finish all your assignment and tasks in form of course works, presentations etc. this will enable you to score highly enabling you to acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes to become successful.

Be aware of the online platform , from where you be able to access the study package which include the following: course outline, course content study guide, and course description.

As a team we are dedicated to give you the best and therefore any in case of any challenge please reach out to us and you will be helped out accordingly. A contact shall be given to enable you to contact your respective lecturers.

Thank you and welcome.

Mr. Jowalie Wampande - Head of Tourism and Travel Management


Welcome dear student, we are happy that you made a choice to join Busitema University.

To ensure that you fit well, the student guild has the Resident Campus Commissioner, Harmonye Mariko who is a fellow student that shall help you adjust to the campus and life around Pallisa. In addition there is Joanah Oringo who is in charge of our student association to help you with timetables, and other student support services.

The Department of Tourism has a student association known as BUTSA that shall provide you will all the social and academic support to help you grow.

Ensure that you attend all the lectures both face to face and Online lectures, and participate in the recess semester industrial training.


This as a value is encouraged for reasons of achieving the FMS goal and working towards the realization of Busitema University’s overall objective.

A centre of academic and professional excellence in business and management sciences”


“To empower clients with relevant business and management competences”

Core Values

a) Innovativeness: Offering of better solutions that meet the new requirements of the clients.

b) Integrity: Adopting ethical professional standards in execution of its activities

c) Responsiveness to clients’ needs: Being both proactive and reactive in responding to clients’ needs

d) Respect for humanity and diversity: Diversity of opinions, abilities, racial differences, gender and faith, are of great importance, and these will be upheld.

e) Teamwork: This as a value is encouraged for reasons of achieving the FMS goal and working towards the realisation of Busitema University’s overall objective.

f) Excellence: This is systematically being mainstreamed in teaching and learning, and leadership.

Organization Structure

Organizational Structure of FMS




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